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Lung Cancer Health Fair November 4th

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Pulmonologists Diagnose a Rare Respiratory Condition and Save a Patient’s Life

Arlene Packles had a violent cough. It didn’t sound quite human. It was like a seal’s bark or a car engine in trouble. And a round of coughing could last for an entire hour. 

Packles’ illness began in 2020, just when the COVID-19 pandemic began its inexorable sweep across the country. A woman with a severe cough wasn’t unusual back then. The novel coronavirus—SARS-CoV-2—tended to push other respiratory conditions to the margins, at least at first. But there was another reason why it took a while for the 73-year-old from Bergen County, New Jersey, to find her way to a diagnosis

Tracheobronchomalacia (TBM) is under-recognized by the pulmonary community, says Dr. Eugene Shostak, an Assistant Professor of Interventional Pulmonology who co-directs Weill Cornell’s TBM program with Dr. Oliver Chow, an Assistant Attending Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Assistant Professor of Clinical Cardiothoracic Surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine. 

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WCM Redefines Lung Cancer Treatment with Streamlined Diagnosis and Surgery

Dr. Eugene Shostak.    jonathan villena-vargas, thoracic surgery, lung cancer surgeon 

For patients diagnosed with early-stage lung cancer, the journey from detection to treatment has traditionally been a prolonged and intricate process. However, Weill Cornell Medicine has introduced an innovative approach that is streamlining the field of lung cancer care. Led by thoracic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Villena-Vargas and interventional pulmonologist Dr. Eugene Shostak, this innovative technique aims to simplify the diagnosis and surgical treatment of lung tumors, providing patients with a more efficient and effective healthcare experience.

The new combined procedure, offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to lung cancer management. By combining cutting-edge technology, unified anesthetic administration, and seamless diagnostic and surgical capabilities, patients now benefit from a rational pathway that consolidates multiple procedures into a single session.

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