William Acquavella Heart Valve Center

The specialists at the William Acquavella Heart Valve Center at Weill Cornell Medicine|NewYork-Presbyterian are leaders in the development and evaluation of novel, less invasive techniques for repairing and replacing damaged mitral, aortic and pulmonary valves. Our team played a leading role in the clinical trials assessing the latest percutaneous valve replacement approaches, giving us more experience than most centers in these emerging new techniques.

We have achieved superior outcomes using these innovative approaches, which make valve replacement possible for many patients who cannot tolerate conventional heart surgery. We have exceptional experience caring for patients of all ages with complex health conditions.

To refer a patient or to make an appointment with a specialist at our Center:
Phone: (646) NYP-VALVE or (646) 697-8258
Fax: (212) 746-8432
Email: cornellheartvalve@nyp.org

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