Guide to Heart and Aortic Surgery

We've prepared a guide to help you prepare for your upcoming heart or aortic surgery. We hope you find it helpful. It contains useful information for you and your family.  

Pre-Operative Visit

During your PreOp Visit, the NP will go through you PreOperative History, physical exam, blood work, EKG and chest X-Ray is done prior to surgery. 

You will be given a small bottle of “antibacterial soap”. You should use half of that bottle in the shower, the night prior to surgery (soap up & rinse off) and the rest of that bottle in the shower, the morning of surgery (soap up & rinse off) prior to you coming into the hospital. Alternatively, you may use “Dial” soap instead.  

You will be instructed to stop certain medications, except for some (ex. Baby or small dose Aspirin, Beta-Blockers, Blood Pressure Medication, etc)

The Day of the Surgery

On the day of the surgery, you should go directly to the 3rd floor of the Greenberg Building in the Main Hospital on 68th Street.

Weill Cornell Medicine Cardiothoracic Surgery 525 East 68th Street
Box 110
Suite M 404
New York, NY 10065 Directions
Phone: (212) 746-5166