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Information for Families

The usual length of the actual cardiac surgery is about three and a half to four hours. However, the total length of time your family member will spend in the operating room is longer. Much of that "extra time" is spent preparing the patient for surgery and getting him or her ready to go to the recovery room (PACU) or ICU following surgery.

During the time your loved one is in the operating room, you can wait in the Ronald O. Perelman Heart Institute. The surgeon will look for you after your family member’s surgery is finished.

When you get to the Ronald O. Perelman Heart Institute Atrium, please make sure to check in at the front desk. In this way, when your loved one's surgeon calls, the Ronald O. Perelman Heart Institute staff knows where and who you are.

If your family member's surgery occurs during hours when the Ronald O. Perelman Heart Institute Atrium is closed, then you may wait in the smaller waiting area right outside the Cardiothoracic ICU (4-West). There is also a café on the first floor of the hospital, directly opposite the information desk and down the hall from the front door on the left, which is open 24/7. This café sells coffee, tea and a variety of foods, as well as comforting soups.

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