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Up and-coming Bronchoscopic Ablation Therapies for Treatment of Lung Cancer

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Robotic Bronchoscopy: A Major Advance in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Early-Stage Lung Cancer

Dr. Ali and Dr. Shostak

Robotic technology isn’t replacing doctors; 
it’s helping them do what they do more safely and with greater control and precision than anyone could have imagined a few short years ago.

“That’s why robotic bronchoscopy is such a game-changer,” Dr. Shostak continues. “It’s like a GPS system that gives us a virtual map telling us which way to turn next as we ‘drive’ through that maze of subdividing airways. And because the robot-assisted method allows us to travel deep into the lung and identify hard-to-reach, potentially cancerous nodules, we can perform biopsies with greater precision and lower complication rates than was previously possible. 

“Our ability to perform robotic bronchoscopy, biopsy and surgical removal of cancerous nodules in one procedure shortens the treatment time window from 90 to 25 days,” Dr. Ali says. “That’s a 3-fold decrease”—one that translates to earlier diagnosis and treatment and to significantly improved survival rates. 

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WCM's Updates in Interventional Pulmonology Symposium: The Era of Robotics

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