The Day of Your Surgery

Please check in at Greenberg 3-West (Same-Day Surgery Unit), which is on the third floor of the Greenberg Pavilion, using the "G" elevators.

Please bring your insurance card(s) with you on the day of surgery. The admitting office on G3 will make a copy and give it back to you and/or your family member.

You may bring your toiletries, pajamas, robe, slippers (though these will also be provided to you) if you wish. Generally try not to bring too much to the hospital, because you probably won't use a lot of these things and will just have to carry them home.

Please do not bring any jewelry or expensive electronics with you for the first hospital day. Your family and friends are welcome to bring those items once you are awake and in your room.

Unless otherwise instructed, typically you are asked not to eat or drink after midnight the night before your surgery. You may take your medications that the nurse practitioner approved you to take the morning of surgery, with just a small sip of water.

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