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Current Clinical Trials

The Cardiothoracic Surgery Department conducts a robust clinical trials program to evaluate the effectiveness of new treatments and medications that have the potential to improve the management of patients with heart, lung, and esophageal disease. The outcomes of heart, lung and esophageal operations can be improved with technical innovations.

Our investigators are involved in several studies using new surgical materials and techniques to decrease the time of surgery and reduce postoperative complications. These innovations, which include minimally invasive and robotic approaches, should make thoracic and cardiac procedures safer and potentially less expensive by decreasing the length of hospitalization. The Department also continues its long-established line of research that has pioneered developments in bloodless surgery.

In summary, our team strives to explore new and improved methods of care that utilize the latest technologies and scientific breakthroughs and maximize the benefit to our patients. Check out our cardiac and thoracic current clinical trials.

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